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If you’re interested in joining the Group Ai preseries, then you should learn more about the rules and eligibility requirements. You can also read on for some final word on the preseries.


It has been many years since the Supreme Court ruled on the eligibility of software inventions. Since that time, numerous decisions have been rendered and the field of software inventions has become very difficult to navigate. However, a new set of guidelines may offer a path forward for those seeking patent protection for their inventions. The so-called “Alice Guidelines” may broaden the definition of “categorical exceptions” to Section 101, providing clarity and a roadmap for those seeking to file patent applications.

The first step of the eligibility test is determining whether the claimed subject matter falls into the “statutory categories” of 35 USC 101. In most cases, claims that do not fall into one of these statutory categories are not eligible for patent protection. Specifically, a claim is not eligible if the claims are directed to a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter.

The second step is to evaluate whether the claim includes the steps of a process or machine, or the composition of matter that results from a process. This step is important because it determines the scope of the claims in the patent application.

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