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Amazon Echo Vs Google Home

When comparing the two popular smart speakers, the Amazon Echo and Google Home, there are some differences that are important to consider. Both are capable of performing the same basic functions, but the Amazon Echo has a variety of third-party apps that enhance its functionality. For instance, it has a better shopping integration, can act as an intercom, and can be programmed with skills. However, some consumers are disappointed by the lack of functionality when using Google Home.

While both devices can play the same music, they have different functions. The Amazon Echo can be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker, streaming any type of audio content. In contrast, Google Home works more like a smart speaker, requiring users to use third-party services such as Apple Music. Therefore, if you’re a subscriber to Apple Music, the Echo might be the better choice. However, this feature is limited to compatible devices.

While both smart speakers can automate many of the smart devices in the home, the Amazon Echo supports many more products and has more control options. For example, you can ask Alexa to book cabs or make restaurant reservations, while Google Home doesn’t. Moreover, the Echo is more sophisticated and comes with seven far-field microphones while Google Home only has two. But despite the differences in capabilities and design, the Amazon Echo has a wide range of potential uses.

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