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Control Your AC With the Cielo Breez Plus Controller

You can control your air conditioning with the Cielo Breez Plus controller from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This device connects via WiFi, enabling you to control the AC system with Alexa or Google Home. The device can also work as a normal thermostat by monitoring temperature, humidity, fan speed, and live air filter status. With its “Cielo Home” app, you can also set the Breez Plus to turn on and off automatically when you return from work or go out of the home.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Cielo Breez Plus can control your ductless air conditioner, heat pump, or both. The device works with any IR-based remote control to monitor the temperature and humidity in each room, as well as with Alexa voice-activated devices. It also supports smart home integration, including Google Assistant, Siri, and Samsung SmartThings. It can be paired with your home security system for additional convenience.

The Cielo Breez Eco is the best-valued smart AC controller for ductless air conditioners, featuring a white and black color option. It has the same functions as the Cielo Breez Plus, including weekly scheduling, Comfy mode, geofencing, and on-device temperature control. It even has native iOS and Android apps and an enterprise web app that allows you to manage multiple ACs from a single device.

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