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If you’re looking for a car loan for an African 105m A2 23m series Okafor car, you may want to consider Moove. The company’s financing options are designed to be more user-friendly than other car financing models, and the process will allow you to pay off your loan in the most convenient manner for you.

Moove’s revenue-based financing model

Nigerian mobility fintech startup Moove provides revenue-based vehicle financing. This model allows customers to purchase new cars, bikes, trucks and lorries by paying in installments. It also offers loans up to 95 percent of the purchase price within five days. In addition to helping individuals own their own vehicles, Moove helps transporters and truck drivers expand their fleets.

The platform has quickly expanded to 13 cities in three continents, including Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Since launching in August, the company has seen a 50% month-on-month increase in revenues. So far, Moove has financed over 3 million rides in six African markets.

Moove is targeting new products to meet the demands of emerging markets. These include a new vehicle class, trucks, buses and lorries, as well as a more flexible option for ride-hailing drivers.

Moove’s trademark is getting drivers to access EVs

Moove is a car sharing company akin to the old timers at your neighborhood bar. The company was in the know during the heyday of ridesharing but has since embraced a more egalitarian approach. Not only is Moove an affable company to work with but they are well rounded. Moove is a pragmata for the best customer service in its class. It is no secret that Moove has a knack for the big picture. As a result Moove has managed to garner a small army of loyal employees. This is a good thing for any company but especially so when it comes to the rideshare industry. Moove is not without its fair share of snafus. Moove is no stranger to the ires of its partners.

Moove’s loan repayment process is more suitable to drivers than what traditionally exists in the market

Moove, the car sharing aficionado, is in the business of giving ridesharing drivers an incentive to get in the door with a new ride. This is done through a combination of loan and equity financing. To kick things off, Moove is building out a network of microloan providers based in Lagos, Johannesburg and Accra. The company is already a major player in the sub-Saharan African car finance market but has plans to expand into other geographies. For starters, the company is looking to build out a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles in the near future. Aside from the fact that these types of cars are eco-friendly, they are also much cheaper to operate than their gas guzzler cousins.

Moove has an impressive track record of a plethora of successes. In fact, the company has grown 60% month-over-month since it rolled out its flagship fleet in June. Its headquarters are located in the Netherlands but the company has a large and growing presence in Ghana.

Moove is looking to add financing to other vehicle classes and types

Moove is a fintech company that provides affordable vehicle financing to mobility entrepreneurs such as drivers and logistics workers in the car-hailing industry. The fintech also provides insurance and MOT services. Using alternative credit scoring technology, Moove underwrites loans using performance analytics.

The company launched in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2020 and has since grown to nine markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Its first customer base includes mobility entrepreneurs, such as drivers in the ride-hailing and bus-hailing industries. In the future, Moove will expand into more markets.

Moove is also in the midst of building new products, including an electric vehicle product line, and a product that will support drivers who do not have bank accounts. Its goal is to provide affordable, flexible, and convenient access to vehicle ownership to its mobility entrepreneurs

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