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InstaDeep has just raised $100 million in Series B funding. The London-based company has more than 170 people working on the project, and is expanding into the US. Their AI is already able to detect high-risk SARS-CoV-2 variants.

InstaDeep raises $100 million in Series B funding

InstaDeep is an artificial intelligence startup that makes decision-making systems for enterprise businesses. The company uses reinforcement learning to solve real-world problems. Its technology is used in industries such as industrial supply chain and warehouses. This week, the company announced it has raised $100 million in Series B funding.

InstaDeep has offices in Cape Town, Dubai and London. They plan to grow their workforce and introduce new products into the United States and other emerging verticals. Their AI technology is based on GPU-accelerated computing and reinforcement learning.

InstaDeep works with multiple partners, including Google, BioNTech SE, and Synergie. One of their biggest projects is an automated railway scheduling system that will work with Deutsche Bahn. That’s a major project, as a kilometre of railway can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

InstaDeep has developed a unique set of capabilities for solving complex railway issues. Its system can optimize train traffic and manage constraints.

Founded by Karim Beguir and Zohra Slim in 2014, InstaDeep has bootstrapped its business until now. It has more than half of its staff working in Africa.

InstaDeep’s AI detects high-risk SARS-CoV-2 variants

BioNTech has teamed up with artificial intelligence (AI) specialist InstaDeep to develop an early warning system to predict new, high-risk variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The German biotech firm aims to boost pandemic preparedness.

The new early warning system developed by BioNTech and InstaDeep uses a combination of modeling and artificial intelligence. Based on the DNA sequence of a newly-identified variant, the system computes two scores. These two scores are used to give the variant an overall rank. This ranking is based on the ability of the variant to evade the immune system.

The system is designed to look at worldwide sequencing data to identify high-risk variants. It was tested on a database of SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequences. They found that the system identified 12 out of 13 high-risk variants.

The Early Warning System uses artificial intelligence calculations to generate a score of the immune escape and fitness properties of the variant. Once the system determines the potential risk of a variant, it flags it. An alert can be sent to health officials to take action.

InstaDeep plans to expand further into the US

InstaDeep, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, is planning to expand its presence in the US. The London-based startup recently announced plans to open a US office in Cambridge, MA. As part of its move, the startup will also be boosting its research and development capabilities.

As a result of the move, InstaDeep plans to expand its research and development capabilities with the help of high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. It will also be able to work with innovative companies and university communities in the US and surrounding areas.

This will enable InstaDeep to expand its AI offerings and increase its global footprint. The start-up plans to hire more developers, researchers and technicians. Besides, it will provide full-time jobs and internships for students.

InstaDeep is a leader in advanced AI decision-making systems. Its technology is used across multiple industries, from factories to warehouses, and ride-hailing fleet size decisions. Its tools use GPU-accelerated computing to address complex problems.

InstaDeep has offices in several countries, including London, Paris, Dubai, Nigeria, and Tunisia. The company has worked with companies such as Google, DeepMind, and Deutsche Bahn, the largest rail operator in Europe.

InstaDeep employs more than 170 people

InstaDeep is a London-based enterprise AI firm that builds end-to-end products that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex problems with significant monetary value. The company’s team of specialists combines their skills in hardware, software, and machine learning to develop decision-making systems for real-world challenges.

Since its founding, InstaDeep has been expanding its business globally and has offices in six countries. It’s now a global leader in developing AI-based decision-making solutions for companies.

Currently, the company is focusing on the development of an automation product for railway scheduling. This could help Deutsche Bahn, one of Europe’s largest rail operators, improve its rail network. Another project involves building an early warning system for African desert locust epidemics.

The company also works with DeepMind, Google, and other AI research divisions to advance their technologies. The company has published research with the two organizations.

InstaDeep uses deep reinforcement learning and other optimisation techniques to tackle multiple problems simultaneously. The company’s work in the field has earned it the Elite level in the NVIDIA Partner Network web series review.

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