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How to Promote a Business Website Through Direct Mail

One of the most effective ways to promote a business website is through direct mail. While it is easy to dismiss direct mail as an effective marketing tool, it can have a substantial impact. Customers love to receive tangible things from businesses, and direct mail provides that. Below are five ways to promote a business website through direct mail. Let’s start with a simple example: a tree removal company in Ontario has a nice website, but no blog posts since 2018. This is a serious problem and a missed opportunity.

First, claim your Google My Business page. By claiming your listing with Google, your business will show up near the top of search results. Keep your information up to date and relevant to your customers. Another way to promote your business website is by pitching journalists or industry experts. This will help you get a high-quality linkback, and will enhance the reputability of your site. Once you have a high-quality linkback, your site will be much more credible in the eyes of customers.

Another way to promote a business website is to participate in forums. Join a popular forum and start a thread related to your website. Other forum members will decide whether your post is worth reading or not. If you cannot find an appropriate thread, join in a conversation thread that already exists. Be careful, though, to only insert your website link when it is relevant to the topic. Otherwise, it will come off as spam. You can also add your link to your social media accounts to make them more accessible.

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