How to Use Hashtags to Post Videos on Instagram

Instagram is an online photo-sharing social network. It focuses on video and photo sharing. Users can take and post photos using their smartphones yourjobnews. They can also add geotags to videos and caption them. If you like to share photos and videos with your friends, you can use hashtags in Instagram to increase exposure and increase your followers. If you want to post videos on Instagram, follow the steps below. You’ll be surprised at how much it can help you reach your goals and gain followers careerpioneer.

You’ll see that people’s profile pictures are highlighted with a ring around them. This shows you their stories, which lasts 24 hours. If you want to share training or a hack with people, you can save your stories and view them later. To save your stories, simply click the “highlight” button in the user’s profile. Highlights show up as small circles next to the user’s posts. They include titles, including makeup tutorials and discount codes getcareergoal.

After you’ve pinned the post you’d like to share, you can go to the Settings tab to edit it. Instagram has a built-in feature that allows you to like a post by double-tapping or tapping the heart button. To comment on a post, you can either tap the speech bubble or type your comment in the text box. You can also choose to post a picture or keep it private. To post multiple pictures, you can use the “plus” icon jobexpressnews.


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