Seraphina Sanan and Twista Take On the World of Metal/Rap

On the heels of her debut single, Seraphina digs deep to dish up a heavy metal sound alongside turbo rap legend Twista in second track, “Nothing fullformsadda

Debut single “Left It All Behind” introduced the world to the unforgettable, Queen-inspired sound of 15-year-old singer/songwriter Seraphina Sanan. Produced by NI Music Group at Sound City Music, the track was only the first of six original recordings (also set to release through NI Music Group) by the talented young artist. While her initial pop-influenced ballad drills into the universal theme of relationships gone bad, this fresh release hones in on some of the darker revelations of growing up and finding who you are in a tough, cold world informenu.

“Left It All Behind” showcased the roller coaster emotions of an American teen through the lens of Seraphina’s own personal experience. The story unfolds a new summertime friendship that showed immense promise, yet unraveled before the chaos of the school year began. Although it touches on difficult feelings such as loss and rejection, the pop-influenced song sets the perfect backdrop for a lazy day sunlit drive or poolside hangout. Most notably, this initial track shared the courageous dishportal vulnerability and impactful songwriting for which Seraphina is best known, highlighting a signature Queen-inspired sound that expertly blends multiple genres, from rock and pop to heavy metal.

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This last genre is the touchpoint for the young creative’s second release, an anticipated collaboration with fellow Chicago-born artist Twista:

“It was an incredible experience to work with a rap legend,” says Seraphina. “Metal and rap both talk about powerful issues that other genres won’t usually dare to discuss. My first single carries more of a pop rock feel, but this next song shows my range and genre-crossing abilities, drawing on my favorite rock and metal influences.”

At 15, Seraphina already brings over a decade of experience making music and penning songs. With an insider perspective on the experiences and dreams of her generation, plus a uniquely sharpened sound that combines a kaleidoscope of genres, she is poised to become the leading voice of her time. Her boundary-pushing approach defies easy categorization, earning the attention of heavies like Twista and Toxic Productions out of Blockhouse Studios in Chicago. Setting milestone moments to music, the young pro deftly illustrates her uncanny ability to get raw and real, naturally broaching the critical challenges and narratives shaping tomorrow’s generation etvhindu.

Discover Seraphina Sanan’s debut singles, “Left It All Behind” (available now on all streaming platforms) and “Nothing.” Catch the “Left It All Behind” music video on YouTube, produced by Twin Voyages and filmed on location in Venice Beach and the artist’s hometown of Chicago. Stay tuned for more bonus tracks set to release this summer, along with five music videos (also produced by Twin Voyages). Follow @seraphina.sanan on TikTok and Instagram for exciting updates, behind-the-scenes footage, upcoming releases, and more.

About Seraphina Sanan:

Seraphina Sanan is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter from Chicago, Illinois whose music journey began at age four. A talented artist trained in acting, dance, and vocal theatrical performance, she spent more than a decade sharpening a powerful sound that sets her inner world to music through an unforgettable blend of rock, pop, and heavy metal. Experience the fresh voice of Gen Z in her debut track and music video, “Left It All Behind,” released on June 23 from Richard Fields at Twin Voyage Productions. Follow @seraphina.sanan on TikTok and Instagram for exciting updates, behind-the-scenes footage, upcoming releases, and more quoteamaze.

Find out more about Seraphina Sanan and do not miss out on “Left It All Behind,” “Nothing,” and more upcoming releases from this artist.

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