SmutStone – A 5-Star Gallery Game

SmutStone is one of the best porn games around. Not only does it have high-quality artwork, but it also has exciting gameplay. The Japanese developer desktime is known for their hentai games, but they also make some of the best western-themed porn games. One of the things that sets SmutStone apart from other porn games is the western-style artwork. Much of the art is modeled after Marvel comics and Marvel games.

SmutStone is a porn game clone

While the original Smutstone was very sexy, its clone has a more modern and Western feel. The game features beautiful girls and an evil witch who is attempting to destroy Smutstone. Players can upgrade the characters on their decks and earn in-game currency to make them stronger and more powerful. There are also many ways to customize the characters, such as adding a tattoo, or even making them look like pigs.

It’s aesthetically pleasing

SmutStone is a highly visual and aesthetically pleasing porn game. Characters have realistic anatomy, and the game’s cut-scenes do not break the immersion. The game is also incredibly easy to play. It also has a great story and lots of side-quests that can distract from the main quest. Despite its visuals and aesthetically pleasing presentation, there are many flaws to the game.

It’s a card battle game

If you’ve played Hearthstone before, you’ll recognize the familiar interface of ipsmarketing, but the card battle game has a slightly different tone. Players can choose between demons and snow white-inspired characters. These characters will fight for their lives to win over the king, queen, or other players. These characters can even be used as weapons against other players, and the game has multiple modes to keep your mind entertained.

It’s a Nutaku game

The visual novel style of SmutStone – A 5-Star Gallery Game is reminiscent of classic Japanese games such as Shingeki no Kyojin. The characters are usually female, and while the art isn’t exactly nude, it’s certainly suggestive. And as you progress in the game, you’ll encounter more powerful and enticing Nutaku characters.

It’s a parody of Hearthstone

SmutStone is a card game that draws its inspiration from older sources. Most of its artwork is based on sexy female characters. These minions represent your deck in the game. To upgrade your minions, you can spend in-game currency. The game’s gameplay varies from other card games. It’s more akin to a RPG than a traditional card game, with a more casual feel than the typical Hearthstone experience.

It’s an adventure type game

SmutStone is an adventure type game that uses a comic style, as in the case of other games of this genre. Players need to collect stars to unlock new areas and upgrade their artifacts. They can also buy credits to unlock more artifacts. Although this game is free to play, it is recommended that players create an account in order to save their progress.


If you’re a fan of newscrawl mobile games, then Smut Stone is for you. This porn game clone has a solid foundation of hardcore action and quality game play, but isn’t limited to the genre. The game can be replayed on an almost endless basis and offers multiple game modes. It is also filled with bonus content, like sticky enemies that will stick to your fingertips as you take down your enemies.

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