Types of Wheeled Gantry Cranes

A wheeled gantry crane can be a versatile asset in your warehouse or construction site. While the wheeled gantry crane is often bigger than a standard gantry crane, it is still small enough to be moved around with ease. In addition, the crane’s rubber wheels allow it to move and maneuver, allowing it to carry different materials and load sizes. When you aren’t using it, newstribune you can store it on its base for easy transportation.

A gantry crane may have one leg that rides on wheels or rails. Another type is one that uses a runway system connected to columns or side walls of a building. The runway system allows you to save floor space as the gantry does not require two runways. This type of gantry crane is popular in the construction industry because of its mobility. It can also be used in confined spaces and for indoor jobs.dailybulletin

Another type of gantry crane is the rubber-tyred gantry crane. These cranes are used to stack containers, making container handling easier, safer, and more efficient. In addition to stacking containers, they are used to assemble large manufacturing components. You can choose the configuration of your gantry crane based on the requirements of your operation. There are several types of these cranes available, so you can select the best one for your business. dailybase

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