What Is Trust Rank In Google Search Results?

Trust Rank

When it comes to SEO, everyone has to think about getting the best rank in Google search results, which many people may already be familiar with. And there may be many people who have heard the term Trust Rank quite a bit that affects SEO. 

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Especially if wanting to increase the ranking as well, then turning to develop this credibility is one way that should not be neglected. can

But… What exactly is this TrustRank person? Today, Maewsom has included information that SEO people should not miss about Trust Rank for everyone to get to know each other in this article.

Let’s take a look at how TrustRank matters to SEO and how to increase Trust Rank.

Trust Rank is the rating of the credibility of the website. The algorithm of Search Engines such as Google will check each website to see if the existing page is a trustworthy page? before ranking them again Otherwise, websites that use incorrect methods to manipulate keywords, such as doing gray or black hat SEO. It may come up in the rankings until making the search rankings in Google instead of doing white hat SEO.

Trust Rank is therefore called. It is a factor that is used to rank the credibility of the website whether the user or User will get the answer from the website as desired or not.

This Trust Rank startup was first published by Zoltan Gyongyi and Hector Garcia-Molina of Stanford University and Jan Pedersen of Yahoo! with the main idea that Page Rank is not enough to measure credibility Therefore, a Trust Rank was created to help rank as well.

It may sound like Trust Rank and Pagerank are the same thing or not. Because it’s about checking the quality of a website and ranking it the same way, but actually these 2 words are different.

What is the difference between Pagerank and Trust Rank?

We have known Trust Rank for a long time, but many people may not be clear on what Page Rank really is. Which, to put it simply, is an algorithm that measures or evaluates the quality of pages on a website by considering the number of links that are linked both from us and from those who link to us.

but! This kind of measurement can play tricks to build rankings, so according to the concept that Pagerank is not enough to be used as a factor to measure credibility, Trust Rank must be used to measure the quality of the website builders. Can improve credibility to compete at the quality of the website, so when talking about SEO strategies, many people will talk about Trust Rank rather than Page Rank.

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